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AMGAS MOBILE CLEAR chemical free technology removes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from sour crude oil, condensate and water. 


MOBILE CLEAR joins a suite of product and services that AMGAS has successfully deployed in the largest markets around the world. Products like SCOR (Sour Crude Oil Recovery), Ready Service for Plant Shutdowns and Turnarounds, or ACT (AMGAS Capture Technology), designed to mitigate the dangers of BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes) and hydrocarbon emissions.

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H2S External Removal
H2S is removed externally from the process fluid
Eliminates Plugging
Eliminates plugging of pipelines, tanks and vessels that is a commonly linked with scavenger systems
No remaining by-products
No chemical by-products remain in the process fluid
Mitigates Waste
Mitigates chemical waste and improves process efficiencies
Cost Effective
CLEAR has shown it can reduce disposal and operational costs by as much as 50%

“Mobile Clear is a true culmination of AMGAS Innovation. It gives our clients a true economic advantage while maintaining the highest level of environmental responsibility and commitment to worker safety”

January McKee President of AMGAS

AMGAS MOBILE CLEAR Technology removes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from sour crude oil, condensate and water. The process is ideal for high and variable H2S concentrations. The AMGAS Mobile Clear process allows for H2S removal, without introducing any chemical into the produced fluid, resulting in no converted sulphides remaining in the fluid. The Mobile Clear process is designed to prevent any chemical overtreatment or under-treatment improving operational efficiency and minimizes costs.

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